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Boring Machines

Maggi Construction Boring Systems


Maggi GT 800 CNC Boring and Grooving Center

Evolution 1000R

Maggi Evolution 1000 Router CNC Machining Center

All you need to know about Shipping

All machinery is shipped via LTL carrier. All spare parts are shipped via UPS. Flat rate shipping charges apply to most machinery as stated on our website.
Please note the following information before signing for your shipment.

  • Do not sign for receipt of shipment until you have performed a visual inspection of the crate, skid or box for damage.
  • Before the machine is unloaded, perform a visual check of the crate, skid or box and the machine condition. Look at crates/skids/boxes next to the machine. If you suspect anything may be amiss, take photos of it inside the truck before unloading.
  • After the machine is unloaded, perform another visual check. If there is crate, skid or box damage, do not remove any part of the wood or box, take photos first. Next, we suggest, even if you see no damage, that you remove the box, crate or plastic covering the machine and take a look. This is a big investment for you -- so make the carrier wait a few extra minutes before you sign to examine what you purchased. While the carrier may not like being inconvenienced, he or she should understand that you are simply trying to protect your investment. Should any damage be found, Take Photos and Note the Damage on the Bill of Lading, get the driver to initial beside of your notes and then sign.

Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure you note any damage on the BOL, take photos, and be able to describe the damage if it exists.
In-Store Pickup is available for our Sanford NC warehouse if you are near us. If your location is not showing you an available rate, please give us a call at 919-776-8341.